Closures vs. Anonymous Function


1) First introduced in the 1960’s with Scheme. Basically means passing a function/method/class instead of just a variable.

2) Javascript supports it. Was kind of surprising for me. Just another example for me that JS is a much underestimated language.

3) All closures of a certain environment share these environment. They can access (r/w) their variables. Therefore it can be used to communicate between („child“) closures.

4) Interesting / strange Ruby code example: „f = { … }“ spawns a new process. If in that a return occurs all subsequent code in the surrounding method is ignored.

If you use „f = lamba { … }“ an return will be kind of ignored if another return follows. Last one wins. lamba kind of „embeds“ the code. leaves the method and starts „something new“ (a new process fork).

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